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Local, organic, safe food.

We are a sustainable agriculture-based technology business (AgTech) that will employ innovative and cutting-edge technology that will include a self-contained and automated design, energy efficient cultivation, water filtration, and state-of-the- art LED lighting and software systems.The system is closed-loop, delivers net positive sustainability and is unlike any other on the planet today.

Our food system is broken and unsustainable.

Up to 30% of the food that is grown remains in the fields to rot and produce methane gas. The soil used to grow that food is becoming increasingly saturated with chemicals and pesticides. The aquifers are becoming contaminated and drying up. Food is shipped across the country or across the ocean inefficiently, using fossil fuels, and then energy for storage before it reaches the processor, wholesaler or retail location. In most cases it has been harvested before it is ripened, and then it will be processed and packaged with non-soluble materials like plastic. In many instances the ultimate consumer receives an old, degraded product, containing trace pesticides and other chemicals, with low nutritional value and little of it's original flavour.


We have arrived at a period in time where consumers understand they cannot fully trust that the food being made available through the current system is safe. At the same time the cultivation efficiencies that can be achieved through advances in technology are expanding. Solutions for sustainable food production methods and profitability without subsidy have arrived.


It's time to take right action.

Kids in Vegetable Farm


We will employ natural, hybrid aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems as it serves the healthy growth of the plant and we will not use pesticides or herbicides. The food will also be non-GMO. In addition to producing the finest quality and most consistent products, the process also enables us to maintain the lowest carbon footprint.

Checking Lettuce Growth

Our systems feature:

- Faster, scalable, controlled growth

- Much higher yields

- Easier to harvest

- Reduced labour

- Reduced water consumption

- Nutritional bioavailability

- Reduced energy consumption

- The capacity to monitor all facets of production

- Standardized quality assurance

- No use of pesticides or herbicides

- Modern, urban gardening

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